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  1. Hate Ice Hokku 3:41
  2. Together Alone Ice Hokku 3:07
  3. Everything Changes Ice Hokku 3:07
  4. Fly Away Ice Hokku 4:03
  5. Totally Lost Ice Hokku 3:06


Links (official video)

Ice Hokku – Memory (one-shot live)

Ice Hokku – Sunset live in Tel Aviv (live-looping session)

Together Alone (official video)

Spiral (live at BlackBox)

Cars Brilliants (Synthesizer live session)


About us

An indie-pop duet with Russian roots which grew up on Western music and found inspiration in the authenticity of Israel. The name ‘Ice Hokku’ is a pun that combines Japanese poetry and hokku (haiku) philosophy with the Nordic ice hockey sport, popular in Russia.

Ice Hokku’s special concert sound is a cool electronic acoustic sound design and emotional vocals mixing various styles. The duo’s surprisingly powerful sound is achieved by using loop stations that continuously record sound layers during a show in real time.


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